Jan 2015

Case Study: Edgewater Networks and Teleflex Networks Improve Connectivity and Efficiency at an Affordable Rate

Case-Study-Edgewater-Networks-and-Teleflex-Networks-Improve-Connectivity-and-Efficiency-at-an-Affordable-Rate  With 45 offices and 40 brick-and-mortar store locations, ABC Company* suffered from a voice and data network that was severely disjointed, creating a high-cost burden for the organization. While the main offices used IP phones on a PRI traditional connection with telecom out, the remote offices and store locations depended on disparate phone systems that were cobbled together over many years. To streamline the entire network, a solution was sought that would help centralize the data and voice requirements that had become increasingly important to the business, as well as reduce the overall cost investment in maintaining the existing...

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