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The HyperCloudTM Advantage

Expanding your Network Capabilities with HyperCloudTM

HyperCloud is TeleFlex’s unique flagship solution built upon proven technologies from Juniper & InfoVista Ipanema and  enabled by our proprietary OSS. HyperCloud enables delivery of unified multi-vendor networks with guaranteed Quality of User Experience at the application level. With HyperCloud, customers gain full visibility of application performance and can tailor their network to deliver guaranteed quality of experience to all end users.

HyperCloud Network ServicesWith HyperCloud, applications just work! Any-time. Every-time.

HyperCloud provides an easy to use service to guarantee application performance over the network.

HyperCloud enables customers to take advantage of any application, including on-premise and cloud based, while guaranteeing end user performance and delivering full visibility.

HyperCloud allows customers to consume applications, as they need, without having to worry about application performance and end-user experience. Defined critical business applications are allows protected, while still allowing full bandwidth utilization of lower priority applications. HyperCloud requires only 1% free bandwidth availability to guarantee performance compared to the typical 15% overhead required by traditional QoS implementations.

Automatic Networking System

The Autonomic Networking System (ANS) links application performance over the network with the company’s business objectives. Self-learning, self-adapting and self-healing, ANS offers tightly coupled features that, together, bring a unique level of intelligence to the network.


  • Application Visibility  provides a full understanding of application performance and usage over the global network; from the smallest user detail up to SLA-based application performance management.
  • Application Control dynamically adjusts network behavior and resources to the exact application traffic demand; guaranteeing critical application performance in the most complex and changing traffic situations.
  • WAN Optimization accelerates application response times and offers additional virtual bandwidth to the network.
  • Dynamic WAN Selection enables dynamic hybrid networking for multi-networked branch offices, selecting in real-time the best path according to actual performance and application traffic characteristics.

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