Case Study: Edgewater Networks and Teleflex Networks Improve Connectivity and Efficiency at an Affordable Rate

09 Jan 2015


With 45 offices and 40 brick-and-mortar store locations, ABC Company* suffered from a voice and data network that was severely disjointed, creating a high-cost burden for the organization. While the main offices used IP phones on a PRI traditional connection with telecom out, the remote offices and store locations depended on disparate phone systems that were cobbled together over many years.

To streamline the entire network, a solution was sought that would help centralize the data and voice requirements that had become increasingly important to the business, as well as reduce the overall cost investment in maintaining the existing infrastructure.

With these requirements in mind, Teleflex Networks, the company’s telephony partner, assessed the situation and quickly developed and implemented a solution that coupled their hosting capability with Edgewater Networks’ VoIP products.

Solution Evaluation 

The requirements for an effective solution included one that would provide a cohesive platform for data, voice, and video as well as allow for interoffice dialing across all of ABC Company’s offices and store locations. The company also wanted a private, secure phone network to replace the public one it had been utilizing. The final requirement was that the entire solution must provide a cost savings over its current deployment.

Several different options were evaluated. This included doing an on-premises upgrade of their existing phone system at the corporate offices and consolidating some of the data that was being transferred.

After considering several proposals, the company decided on a combined hosted solution with Teleflex and Edgewater Networks as it was the only one that significantly reduced its telephony spend while fully consolidating its infrastructure.

In addition, Edgewater Networks’ products maintained the service level agreement (SLA) on quality of services (QoS) on all calls that other competitors were not able to offer.

Deployed Products Provide a Complete Solution 

Edgewater Networks’ products were installed throughout the company’s infrastructure and coupled with Teleflex’s hosting services, provided a complete solution.

EdgeMarc – Edgewater Networks’ EdgeMarcs are all-in-one Enterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBCs) that provide businesses of all sizes with improved VoIP call quality, security, and a simplified user experience. Two EdgeMarcs were installed at the company’s corporate locations in a high availability configuration. This set up included a private wireless point-to-point connection to the data center for the back-up of all data. MPLS was also installed as a primary connection. 5225 Hellyer Ave., # 100, San Jose, CA 95138 (408) 351-7200


EdgeView – Edgewater Networks’ EdgeView platform allows for simplified phone set-up and configuration using its Plug and Dial functionality, as well as troubleshooting and monitoring of all devices.

Installation: Quick, Simple, and Seamless 

With over 80 locations utilizing over 250 phones and growing, installation of a solution to unify the related infrastructure would typically take months. However, leveraging Teleflex’s custom integration of its own systems with Edgewater Networks solutions, deployment at ABC Company’s corporate offices and main sites was completed in just a few hours.

Working with the company’s Vice President of Operations, Teleflex’s team of three individuals coordinated with an external IT management company responsible for general computer maintenance, to plan and execute a seamless solution rollout. The final member of the installation team included an individual responsible for provisioning at the circuit provider’s site.

Deployment using a hot crossover at the corporate offices was pre-planned with the installation team. The network was taken down at 4pm on a Wednesday, at which time the old phone system was removed. In its place, EdgeMarcs were installed and the phones were quickly configured using the Plug & Dial feature. The new system was up and running again by 9pm that night.

The transition was smooth and there have been no instances where a rollback to the legacy systems has been necessary.

For all remote and store locations, a basic technician was on site to plug in the necessary equipment that had been drop shipped. All sites were online and part of the greater infrastructure within a couple of hours.

Telecommunications Solution Saves Money, Provides Ongoing Support 

As with any transition from a legacy system to a more modern system such as an IT phone network, there is a learning curve associated. ABC Company has received support in how to use the new system and understand the different ways of utilizing the enterprise VoIP system.

Following the deployment, ABC Company noticed a significant cost savings, as it was drastically able to reduce the number of phone lines needed across locations. As time goes on, the return on investment (ROI) will continue to increase as additional efficiencies are introduced. Due to the Edgewater Networks solution capabilities, the company now has continuous uptime through fail over between locations.

Teleflex provides continuous support through their hosted services. Deploying Edgewater Networks products throughout its own headquarters, it supports all of its customers on a 24/7 basis using Edgewater EdgeProtect ESBCs. When used in conjunction with EdgeMarcs, the combination provides simplified secure connectivity between the company and Teleflex 5225 Hellyer Ave., # 100, San Jose, CA 95138 (408) 351-7200


that is fully interoperable with existing network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, and switches.


“Since shifting from our old phone system to a VoIP platform using Edgewater Networks’ products, our company has been able to reduce its data and voice investment. The switch over has improved our communication throughout the company and has reduced the time it takes us to identify problems with our system,” said a representative at ABC Company.

* Name changed to retain anonymity.


Stephen Myers