Taking Disaster Relief Beyond I.T.

03 Sep 2017


As our great city continues to reel from the impact of catastrophic flooding, TeleFlex remains a rock on which your business can stand.  As a Houston company dedicated to helping our own, we are here to deliver support, strategy, and partnership to any and all Houston businesses in need of disaster recovery.  We want you to face an uncertain future with confidence, and we want you to have the assurance that together we can all rebuild.

To take that first step with you, our executive team has decided to offer free services to Houston area businesses currently recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Having remained fully operational throughout Hurricane Harvey–without losing so much as a single bit of data—TeleFlex is a proven source of business continuity, disaster recovery, and unified communications.

To get your Business in the Cloud up and running, contact TeleFlex Disaster Relief:

  • Call – 713-231-5000 during normal business hours
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Twitter – @TeleflexNet
  • Facebook – @TeleFlexNetworks

Visit our website for more information about the newest developments at TeleFlex Networks:

  • TeleFlex has formed a new Channel Sales division to work with local Managed Services Providers. This new division allows Houston companies to utilize our data center through their existing MSP-FREE FOR 90 DAYS!.
  • TeleFlex Networks partners with all the major Cloud Services Providers, including, but not limited to, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Call TeleFlex for plans and rates available only through our agent relationship with these providers.
  • TeleFlex has exponentially increased its Tools and Support to provide assistance, training, and solutions to Houston organizations in crisis.
  • TeleFlex offers financial incentives and customer referrals to local MSPs who utilize our Data Center to better support their customers.

We have always known Houston as a world-class city, but many others did not know it. Now, as the entire world watches us recover from one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. the TeleFlex ream is proud to join fellow Houstonians in rebuilding our city with dedication, hard work, integrity, and collaboration.

TeleFlex is here to lead the way, taking Houston business beyond I.T. to new heights in the Cloud!


Stephen Myers

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