Routing, Firewall & UTM

Enhanced Carrier Neutral
Internet Access

TeleFlex’s data center fabric enables delivery carrier-grade routing, firewall, IDP, and advanced UTM features to customers at a fraction of the cost of business-class hardware. Multiple High Availability configuration options and dynamic CPU allocation deliver “right-sized” firewall throughput to match your organizations evolving needs.


  • Customers maintain complete configuration and monitoring control, with included Junos Virtual & Security Director accessible through the ReadyNOC portal.
  • Delivers robust connectivity and routing features, including IPsec VPN, Network Address Translation (NAT) and advanced routing.
  • Provides mission-critical reliability for business continuity, with support for stateful active/active and active/passive high-availability deployment options.
  • Integrates virtualization-specific unified threat management (UTM), intrusion prevention system (IPS) and AppSecure 2.0 services for a comprehensive threat management framework.
  • Additional AppQoS features available when paired with TeleFlex HyperCloudTM  services.
  • Automates the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle, from provisioning through decommissioning, with Junos Space Virtual Director.
  • Centralizes security policy management across physical and virtual environments through Junos Space Security Director.
  • Leverages the same, consistent, advanced security and networking features (IPsec VPN, NAT, QoS, and full routing capabilities) of the SRX Series Services Gateways
  • Defends against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape by integrating powerful UTM, IPS, and application visibility and control capabilities for a comprehensive threat management framework
  • Simplifies administrative functions with Junos Space Virtual Director, an intelligent, automated life cycle management application at no additional cost • Improves management flexibility with open RESTful APIs to support integration with third-party management and cloud orchestration tools
  • Expands visibility into and control over firewall security policy configuration and management across virtual and nonvirtual environments with Junos Space Security Director
  • Supports SDN and NFV via integration with Contrail, OpenContrail and third-party SDN solutions.

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