Enhanced Carrier Neutral
Internet Access

Enhanced Carrier Neutral Access

As a Carrier-Neutral data center, TeleFlex supports our customers’ flexibility and freedom to procure dedicated circuits from their carrier of choice. In addition to traditional direct carrier access, however, TeleFlex offers a broad range of options for improving performance and resiliency.

As a next-generation data center, TeleFlex is unique in providing a range of dedicated access, protected dedicated access, standard blended DIA, and customer defined BGP DIA as an alternative to traditional Carrier-Neutral circuits. Our unique portfolio of carrier access solutions, generally referred to a “Enhanced” Carrier-Neutral Access, exceed the benefits, terms, and service levels of traditional dedicated access while delivering a significant cost savings and reduction of term commitment.

Customers may choose any combination of one or more TeleFlex “Enhanced” Carrier-Neutral Access solutions or customize a configuration based on their unique requirements. All options are provisioned same-day with minimum term commitment requirements compared to traditional carrier relationships.

All TeleFlex Internet solutions are available on-demand, with dual hand-off availability, provisioned on the integrated top-of-rack active panels in bandwidth increments up to 40Gbps.



Standard Dedicated Internet Access (Standard DIA)

  • Select the bandwidth and carrier from any provider built-in to the data center.
  • Maintain flexibility to change the selected carrier at any time with same-day provisioning.
  • Reduce the term commitment from the carrier-standard 3-years with no vendor lock-in.
  • Dedicated bandwidth is delivered to your cabinet, at or above, provider SLA’s via your cabinet active patch panel within 24-hours.
  • Cross-Connect provided at no cost.

Dedicated+ Protected Internet Access

  • Receive the performance, reliability, and control of a privately delivered, non-blended, carrier circuit combined with the high availability of multi-homed service for less than the price of a carrier dedicated circuit.
  • Simply select which carrier and dedicated bandwidth you desire and TeleFlex will deliver the dedicated circuit service and include fail-over to up to 5 secondary carriers.
  • If your primary carrier experiences an issue, TeleFlex automated solution initiates BGP broadcast of your IP on our multi-homed peers.
  • Realize the control and predictability of dedicated service with the benefits of fail-over multi-homed BGP, while minimizing monthly service expense.
  • Dedicated+ fail-over service is available for customer provided direct circuits as well, allowing an added layer of protection to your dedicated circuits with minimal cost.

Blended Internet Access

  • Multi-homed Internet access including multiple Tier-1 carriers.
  • Fully meshed redundancy.
  • Bandwidth increments up to 10Gbps, available as single or dual hand-off.
  • Metered, burstable, committed, and dynamic options.

Customer-Defined BGP Internet Access

For customers requiring the high-availability of Blended Internet with the control of dedicated BGP Peering, TeleFlex offers Customer-Defined BGP Internet Access. Each customer utilizing this service is isolated in unique BGP Peering Sessions within the TeleFlex fabric. The result is a customizable multi-homed BGP solution running on our high-performance carrier-grade infrastructure and supported by TeleFlex engineers.

  • Select the carriers you want in your BGP Peering, using a variety of bandwidth and SLA metrics to meet your cost and performance requirements.
  • Prioritize traffic across carriers by managing pre-pending as well as outbound route table selection.
  • Dramatically reduce capital and operating costs involved in reliable multi-homed BGP.
  • Maintain the freedom to change the mix of carriers, bandwidth, and configuration without being subject to the constraints and cost of term contracts.

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